The Blog of the Moment: Inside BruCrew Life

I love to read. From growing up to even now, I’m most often found with my nose buried in a book. This also makes me a horrible blogger. It’s not that I don’t read or follow; trust me my reader feed says otherwise; it’s that I rarely comment.

But when an exceptional blog stands out; when I get excited to see what the next posting is about, I have to share this gem with everyone.

Inside BruCrew Life is one of those rare blog treats.  Jocelyn of BruCrew writes what I call a kitchen blog. She covers food and lots of it! But the most spectacular feature of her blog is the photographs. She takes high quality, vivid photos of the recipes she features. It’s hard not to get excited and run off to the kitchen to whip up those recipes.

I love looking at the photos as much as making the recipes!
So, please take a spin on by her site and enjoy!
I’m sure you’ll fall in love with her site as much as I have.

Inside BruCrew Life


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