Launching Hampton Roads Pagans

English: Rotated to aprox. mag. north. Newport...

English: Rotated to aprox. mag. north. Newport News is seen at the upper left. (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

I’ve been busy today creating a new blog site, Hampton Roads Pagans; creating the accompanying Facebook page (here) and getting in the first bit of information on it. I’m looking to create a local news outlet for Hampton Roads, VA area.

After attending the local Broom and Brew meeting last Saturday night, I’m more convinced than ever that a local Pagan Press outlet is needed for the area. In one meeting I found out more of what’s going on in the community than is available online. The community here is still alive and thriving. What news there is, isn’t making it out to the greater community. I’d like to offer a way to communicate what’s going on, what events are happening and perhaps to rebuild a communication network that had thrived here.

I can not create this alone. I need writers. I need press releases. I need feedback!


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