Happy August 1st!!

It’s a beautiful morning today and I’m itching to get outside and play as I know soon winter will be here. But right now, everything is perfect. I’m going to bake cookies later today. I know my girls will loving helping and eating them. I’m seriously missing the smell of fresh-baked bread on this day. I am still mourning the loss of my starter. (Soon, my lovely, soon I will try again.)  But today is also Lammas or Lughnassh depending on which tradition you follow. So how about a little blog round-up…

From Confessions of a Pagan Soccer Mom….a simple candle ritual.
Next stop is The Domestic Pagan where you can pick up some general info on the holiday along with a few game ideas for the kids.
Or spin by The Deepest Well for a bit of folklore on Lammas.
Followed by Pagan Blog Prompts, which today’s post makes a great personal meditation.
Take a sit with TFS Magnum and enjoy a “musical interlude in honour of Lughnassh.”
Do stop by the Circle of the Year for a reading of John Barleycorn accompanied with classic pictures.
Let’s break bread with Blue Star Owl, with a delicious recipe for a sweet and savory bread.

Don’t forget to pick up a coloring page for the kids (or yourself) here!

And finely, August 1 is much more that a religious holy day. Take a spin over to The Holiday Whiz to see what else is happening!

May Your Day Be Blessed!


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