What’s Happening to the Local Pagan Community?

What happened to the local PNO’s? In my area there was one large long running PNO. It met monthly in different cities for many years until the organizer moved due to deployment. The PNO struggled on for a bit but now I don’t know of any local PNO’s or if that one is still running. I am not finding any hint of life on the web.

Many years ago I hosted a local PNO but my personal issues interfered and it was soon dropped before it ever gained traction. I would love to organise another but I have deep reservations. The economy isn’t all that great. Who has the money to go out an eat these days much less drive 30 minutes to an hour away to meet? I know I don’t. As a mother with very demanding children, I’m not sure I am willing to put in the time needed to successfully host one.

Why isn’t anyone stepping forward to continue these great works that have enriched our community? I’m not sure why someone hasn’t yet. I wonder if the disappearing local meetings isn’t a symptom of a larger problem within the Pagan community. Has everyone given up on creating community and gone back to being solitary? I know Pagan Pride Days, various Meetups, Psychic Fairs, Open Rituals sponsored by local groups, local Drum Circles, and various workshops and classes are still available but on a smaller scale with a bit of travel between them all. But, perhaps it is a flaw in me; except for attending my local UU Pagan open rituals, I have never felt a sense of community from attending any of these events. Lacking the sence of community is part why I’m not involved on a grass-roots level.

I would love it if there were more local Pagan community and Pagan family focused activities. I’ve gained friends from attending events and PNO’s. It was a networking powerhouse and I am missing it. And that was before my children came along, but I’m not seeing anything so far that replaces it in my area.

While writing this article I ran across a website that’s promotes something very much like a PNO. It’s called the National Broom and Brew listing. Looking at their website, it feels a lot like what PNO did but perhaps it’s a bit more. Personally, I’m looking forward to attending a local meeting with them.

The biggest thing for me is, if it’s not on the web, not somewhere in the social media sites, not listed on a bullitan board in the local Pagan store, these meetings and groups might as well not exist for a seeker. If they still exist, they have dropped under the social radar causing the community to look abandoned, empty and without support even if the community is vibrant and welcoming.


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