A Cross Cultural God Exchange

I am not one to believe that the Gods don’t interact with each other much less attempt to trade followers. I have experienced first hand what I can only term as a cross cultural God exchange. I am an eclectic Pagan but my focus has been on the Greeks for a very long time. I’ve briefly flirted with the Viking Gods and developed a hearty revulsion of Loki. My personal dislike for that hairy footed, forked tongue trickster extends to saying the name , “you know – that Viking God with the L-name” and to running away from anyone invoking the same said God. I’ve seen what happens when That fellow is invited to the party! It’s not pretty!
As a young brand spanking new Pagan seeker I tried to learn the Runes. I didn’t get very far. To be fair, I wasn’t trying very hard. Just enough to know that it was complicated and heavily tied into the cultural system. I saw far enough in to know the amount of scholar ship I would need to devote to this for me would be the equivalent of devoting my life and religious practice to these Gods of the Vikings. Despite knowing that, there is a set of blank runes in my altar box that are waiting for a rune master to carve them and bring them to life. Even when I made them I knew this wasn’t my path and wasn’t mine to finish. It was something I had to do. I still don’t know how to explain that. I know they wait but not for what or even who.

Dabbling with runes and knowing the bare bone basics of the Æsir and the Vanir and the meaning of Ragnarok and what a The Blót is; does not a Heathen make. So imagine my surprise when Odin knocks on my brain and worse yet when Zeus tackles a Heathen friend of mine.

At first I thought that maybe this was the person the runes were waiting for. But it quickly became clear that what was happening was something different than a gifting. My friend was going though a difficult point in their spiritual journey and was in crisis. I was asked for help and advice. For me it was this point where the Gods decided to bang the other follower’s head. I prefer to think this was in a good natured way.

The surprising aspect of this exchange for me was how Zeus came knocking on my friend. I tend to keep who my Gods are private with very few knowing who and how I practice. This came across for me as authentic. However I’m still suffering headaches from Odin’s instances in smashing heads.

I was hoping that this was a one time event, a sort of special case happening. But He hasn’t left. In fact I’m seeing more of that Pantheon in my daily actions and am seeing their influence in life far more than I had before. It’s more than someone saying “Blue Prius” and next thing you know you’re seeing them everywhere. I’m not sure what They are all up too. But it has been interesting. I can not help but wonder if all this just the Weavers three playing a prank on Gods and mortals alike?


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