And Now I’m Pissed.

I’ve been watching the Pagan blogoshpere erupt in what Star Foster has called concern trolling. I agree with her whole heartily. The first blog that I read in this resent bubbling of ideas was over at Pagan In Paradise. At the time I thought that it was an interesting angle for a Pagan blogger and didn’t want to step into what was sure to become a bit of a hot debate. What I did not realise was that his motives were,

“The recent passing of a young elder in our community at age 27 has called me to finally write about this issue.”

and who exactly was the person he was referring. I had thought that perhaps he was referring to someone in his local community who he knew. Then I followed the comments from Star Foster’s posting to find this blog, which detailed this “Obesity! Crisis! (hereon called OC)” to borrow her term. From there I visited the other blogs posting on this OC-gate.

And now I’m pissed. This blog pointed out who was being referenced.

To have all this erupt from the passing of David Grega is shameful, beyond shameful. To those who think that his passing is due to them thinking that they know that he was overweight and that it caused his death and decided to wave the white flag to alert everyone of the dangers of being overweight: You have committed the crimes of assumption, bias and have contributed to the shaming of overweight people in the name of the deceased, tarnished the legacy of the David Grega by attaching your own agenda and riding the coattails of his death; You are part of the problem of obesity in the world.

If, if only if his name had not been attached, then so many posts could have been viewed so differently but perhaps not reached as many people as well.

“A bright light has been extinguished in our community and I cannot help but wonder if I carry some responsibility as a result of having ignored this issue, indeed have we as a community created a situation where we all share in some small measure of culpability?”

The above quote is yet again from Pagan In Paradise.  Let me tell you of culpability, you are part of the problem. I don’t know if you have ever experienced personally the public reaction of being overweight or not but you are exemplifying one of the worst traits of public disgust; overly fake concern all the while speaking and acting as if being overweight is the only health issue overweight people have, as if.

You saw David’s photo. You thought he was overweight. You see that he died young, by a heart attack. You assumed… has to be due to him being overweight, and then went on to rail against what took a young elder from the community like a knight in shiny armor warning against an incoming attack. The bias against the overweight that it takes to make such a leap of assumptions is astounding and very sad.

I found one good quote,

“There are some issues we don’t discuss in our community; perhaps it is time to update our Pagan sensibilities about this one.” ~Pagan In Paradise

that I agree with in part. It’s the section about updating our collective sensibilities. Mine has personally been so offended that the topic of obesity is yet again in my face but I’m not feeling calm enough to try to get what you are saying. Falling for one of the oldest myths of obesity, that all health issues are caused by and cured by losing weight, is only human. It is also human to dismiss anything else you may say due from your precious failure of compassion due to ignorance.

Congratulations. The ice has been broke. Guess what? There is more to this issue than the person who is overweight. It extends to other people and how they react, with their prejudices and biases.

And please, please don’t make a social justice issue out of some one’s passing. Either the issue can stand on it’s own or it can not. Especially when you don’t have full knowledge of the surrounding events. David Grega’s death was not due to obesity.


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