Questioning My Faith

I found these questions in the back of my journal, half answered over two years ago. I don’t know where they originated. But they are thought provoking so I decided to share them here.

What is your faith/religion/belief, and how would you describe it?

I’m an Eclectic Neo-Pagan, meaning a modern eclectic Hellenistic Pagan, not a Hellenistic Reconstructionist and an Unitarian Universalist. This means that I am polythestic, in that all the Gods exist and that I honour the Greek Gods most of all. I also deeply hope that there is a universal salivation and peaceful rest after life, be it in a heaven or a Summerland or even in the Eliseian Fields. My faith is based on the search for Truth guided by the light of Love.

What are three reasons, you believe your religion/faith/belief, is the answer for you personally?

I feel it has the unmistakable “ring of truth” that resonates in my soul.
I feel that I was “tapped,” or call it chosen to follow on particular deity.
It doesn’t ask me to go against what I feel is moral, just and right.

What deity called you on your path?

I call him the Lord of Love, the ruddy one, He of many names known throughout the ages, and the Eternal Dancer. He is a Personal God and as such not exactly found in books or lists of various deities.

Do you follow this deity’s path to the best of your ability?

Yes, I try my best within what I understand of Him and his guidance.

Do you feel your deity with you at all times – or have you ever felt as though your deity has abandoned you at times while on their path?

I have never felt abandoned by Him. Not even when I became an ex-Christian did I feel abandoned. I expected to stop feeling that divinity and connection I had known from childhood but instead I grew to understand more of who He is.


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She is nothing more than the collections of thoughts placed into the virtual worlds. She is a poet, a mother, a lover, many things to different people. But mostly, she is nothing but smoke and mirrors - some ethereal thing that blinks in an out of existence.
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