Feb, 4, 2011 He turned 35…separated…soon to be divorced.

Last year, I made you lasagna, German chocolate cake and put into it all my hopes and love for you. Yet you came home upset that things didn’t go your way at the adult bookstore. And yet that was a lie, you had a good time but not willing to tell me. I just never though that it was the last time I would celebrate your birthday with you.

The night was fraught with high emotions. I was worried and on pins and needles the entire day. I tried to do everything to make it right for you. I think that was my best lasagna ever and most definitely the best box cake I ever baked.


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One Response to Feb, 4, 2011 He turned 35…separated…soon to be divorced.

  1. househo says:

    You most certainly did! He just wasn’t able to taste your love thru his own issues.

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