Where were you on 9/11?

I got a phone call from my husband to turn on the TV, right after the first plane hit. I watch the second plane hit and watched the buildings fall in horror. I remember screaming at the TV when the towers fell but there was nothing anyone could do but wail. I was on my knees crying and screaming. So much senseless death, for what? I ended up pulling my sisters out of school that day, one of which was in ROTC uniform. I was afraid that there would be more attacks and direct attacks on service personal. But the streets were just about deserted. I’ve never seen anything like that before. The schools was keeping all the kids in the dark, and it was both Middle and High School too! The nervousness everyone had was freaky. I had to prove I was the parent just to pull them out, ID check, full name and kid’s social check.  But none of the kids knew what as going on, just that kid after kid was being pulled out of school. The bases here in Virginia were on lockdown. There was no telling what was going to happen next. That’s when I knew we were at war, but with who?

All anyone could do was watch the news for hours. Hoping some good would come out this tragedy, that maybe some survived that fall. I think I watched the news for a whole week before I had to turn it off and step away from it all just to gain some normalcy. Even after all this time, I cry when I think about this event. I saw the jumpers. I saw the plane impact the building. I knew death had happened right in front of my eyes. I knew it was murder, an act of war. Innocent people died that day for no damn good reason. I cried for them and their families. I grieve for them.

9/11 We will NEVER Forget!


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