The Peanut Butter Wars Have Started

Great. Every one of you peanut butter banning mommies are more than willing to starve my child during lunchtime to protect your own! So what I am supposed to do? Let her starve because of your child’s allergies rank higher than her need for nutrition?? Where in the world do I get equal accommodation for my child?? Peanut butter is her top protein, milk, cheese follow after that. She’s damn near mildly allergic to everything else;EVERYTHING ELSE! So far, nothing severe, just rashes and some mild wheezing and it’s only upon ingestion, and a few with physical contact in typical amounts.

She’s not even in school yet and I see this battle coming. What about her and her needs???
She’s a preemie, and has eczema and allergies do run in the family. She just got to odd load of it all.

I’m sorry.. but death trumps malnutrition any day.
Your child can be force fed, you can’t un-kill a child from anaphylactic shock.

You are a cold woman. Just what is the point of having an epi-pen if not to prevent death? And no, my child can not be force fed when there is no reason to do so. Her nutrition as it stands is more than adequate due to peanut butter. But banning it, will cause malnutrition. And how is that even acceptable?? How in the world can you even think that?!

Are you ignorant? Epi pens can’t always prevent death!!  Not to mention that person spends a minimum of 24hrs being hooked up to heart monitors? Why you ask, google epinephrineand see the side effects and risks. tachycardia, acute pulmonary edema, tremors, hypertension. etc. Umm you said your child can’t be force fed…well if she goes on an eating strike, yea she can. and WTF no one said ban peanut butter from your home, just don’t freaking send it to school IF a child has an allergy. It’s honestly not that complicated.Call me cold if you wish, but I’d rather have a child with a feeding tube than one in the grave.

You really don’t get it do you? One missed meal, one missing PBJ a day for a school week is enough to cause malnutrition for MY child! But you are willing to endanger my child!! All because you want to sanitize the whole world from PB!! Because you live in fear.

Good Lord Woman. She has special nutritional needs. Where are her accommodations?!
It is that complicated. I’m just glad PB isn’t the only food she can eat and she came real close to that already.

Hmmm nope I still don’t get it. Your child can be saved from malnutrition, the ones with peanut allergies cannot be brought back to life.

You sound like you are living in fear as well… that missing one PB sandwich is going to kill your daughter? You can find alternatives to peanut butter. Your child will eat if she’s hungry enough, if not she CAN be force fed through a tube, it’s really no comparison

At least you know you’re not getting it. And now I know it’s going to take doctor’s orders and a lawyer just to ensure she can get the meals she needs. Peanut butter is saving her from protein deficiencies, which makes the whole she can get a feeding tube pointless.

My whole point is what about her accommodations? I’m not looking at feeding the class PB snacks. I’m not looking causing a problem because of some pre-purchased snack that has PB in it. I’m just concerned about my child and what she eats and in this case what some folks are more than willing to prevent her from having during school hours.
I know there are ways to accommodate both medical issues. In no way will I accept that my child’s issues are less than another’s. Different issues, yes. Different consequences, yes. But not unimportant.

My daughter is a preemie, born at 25 wks and she’s got some odd ball issues. Sensory integration is just one of them and it severely affects what she will eat and then add GERD on top of that. The very foods that she eats are the very ones that are on the allergic lists. Everything else she doesn’t touch. And she was this way in the womb, this is really her, not stubbornness, not going on a food strike; This is not her being a typical kid. Peanut butter is her main protein. The girl is made out of it! Banning peanut butter from public school doesn’t take into account her issues at all. And there is no damn reason to put her on a feeding tube when her nutrition is okay as long as her diet doesn’t change drastically from what it is now. I wish she’d eat more foods. But I’m damn glad she eat as much peanut butter as she wants. She’s healthy, thank the Gods!


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