New Neighbors

Day 1 –  The trailer across the street finely was moved into today. And a housewarming party was on, at least I’m assuming it’s a housewarming party and not a typical every weekend party. The street is crowed with fancy tweaked cars and detailed low-riders. There isn’t any parking within nine homes. Music has been blaring out of the sound system of the low-rider. That damn bass has been rattling my walls. I am shocked that my daughters haven’t woken up from all their racket.

It’s now 11:40pm and the music has just been turned off. Way past time for to have been shut down. I think come Monday morning there just might be complaints lodged with the management office. There was one neighbor around 5pm who all of a sudden found the need to hammer out a wheelbarrow. What a racket that made!! But it did cause the new neighbors to quite down for a few hours. At this rate, these folks are not making friends.

May the Gods have mercy on me. I don’t think I like my little backwater, sleepy oasis disturbed. My thoughts are full of worries that only time will tell the truth of. Just how long is it going to take them to realize that I’m Pagan? How are they going to react?

They have kids and one on the way. But everyone I’ve seen today are young adults. Teenagers by the way they act. Worst part is the little kids. They’ve been running wild. The street here, despite the speed bumps and a 15mph speed limit doesn’t deter speeders. This little oasis has had the habit of yelling at speeders because of how many kids are here. And now this new family is allowing their children run wild into the street. The kids are no taller than 3 or 4 feet tall, and I’m guessing around six to maybe eight years old. I don’t want to see a tragedy strike.


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