Isaac Bonewits 1949 – 2010

As I’m sure most of the Pagan community knows, Isaac Bonewits passed away August 12, 2010. I cannot offer a better tribute than Jason over at The Wild Hunt, so please stop by and visit with them.  If you would like to share memories of Isaac, please stop in on Isaac and Phaedra Bonewits Facebook page and leave your memory in the discussions.

I would have loved to have met him in person. Even so, he has influenced my life and my path. I have enjoyed his books, his writings and his humor all from the comfort of my home. It feels like I have met him, at least a part of him that comes across so strongly in his words.

I found acceptance in actions, in his life and his deeds. I found rational discussion about Polyamory. I found the magnifying glass to examine groups, networks and organizations. I have found tools for my practice. I have found wisdom and earnest humor.  I found a dedication to scholarship and historical accuracy as applied to religion. I found a genuinely good man; a bodhisattva.

I have hear the stories from the travelers’ who tell his tales. I have heard the call, to help the elders. I have heard wisdom from the mountain peak. I am not alone. I am not the only one who hears. I have heard the call to action. 
“Hate is NOT a Family Value.”

I will remember. I will teach my children. I will live by example.

Isaac, you have earned a place of honor among the ancestors.  This Samhain and all others after, I will honour you as my own. For if you are not by blood, you surely have forged a kinship of the mind. Never will you be forgotten.


At trails end

Trail blazer, star bright
like a comet in the night,
hitter come and hitter gone
as far as dragons roam along.
Never-ending dreams a man
of a magical land.
By thy will
this life is lived
with love and passion
deeply fulfilled.
Upon this twilight of a new dawn
one’s man’s life
reflects it all.
Dragon hearted and loyal too,
This world will miss you.

Isaac Bonewits, may your star burn forever bright.


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