Sunshine Award

sunshine-award I’ve been Sun Showered!!

Wow, I just received my first award from Mama Feoneafey of Mama Feoneafey’s Kitchen Witchen World. Thank You, Moma Feoneafey!

She received the Sunshine Award from two fellow bloggers and has passed it on to me. It’s my first blog award and it has brighten up my day. So please stop by her blog and sit for a spell. I’m sure it will brighten your day like it does mine. Thank you so much, Moma!!

Here are the rules:
1) Place the award on your blog or within your post.
2) Pass the award on to twelve Sunny Bloggers — those whose positivity and creativity inspire others!
3) Link to the nominees in your post.
4) Tell the nominees they’ve received the award by commenting on their blogs.
5) Share the love and link to the person from whom you received the award.

12 Sunny Bloggers….
In no particular order:

1. Cafe Philos: an internet cafe
2. Dancing in a Field of Tansy
3. Earthenwitch
4. KALLISTI: An Apple in Pandemonium
5. Pearls and Pentagrams
6. The House of Vines
7. Between the Ticks
8. The Soccer Mom’s’ Guide to Wicca
9. In the Liminal Realm
10. Pagan Blog Prompts
11. Pagan Side of Me
12. Gypsie


About Isabella LeCour

She is nothing more than the collections of thoughts placed into the virtual worlds. She is a poet, a mother, a lover, many things to different people. But mostly, she is nothing but smoke and mirrors - some ethereal thing that blinks in an out of existence.
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3 Responses to Sunshine Award

  1. cafephilos says:

    Thank you so much for this honor! You just made my day! 🙂

  2. Gypsie says:

    Hi Sweetie — thanks for the lovely award! It's such a great honor to brighten your day!! You are love my dear! Love & light Gypsie 🙂

  3. Sunfire says:

    Forgive my very delayed response, but I wanted to say Thanks for awarding Pagan Blog Prompts! It's my pleasure to inspire through the weekly blogging prompts.

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