Tired I am.

I’m way too tired on a Friday. I spent too long last night talking to my oso, 11 pm which is early even by my standers, but too long if I had know Abby was going to wake up at 3am demanding a bottle. I was awoken by dh this morning, by the alarm clock at 4 am and then his leaving at 6:30ish. Abby awoke at 8am demanding a hinny change so my sleep was over. I’m just dragging ass. I made a pot of coffee this morning after I drunk my two allotted cups left by dh. There just isn’t enough caffeine in my system. I’m feeling drained. When am I going to be able to sleep?


About Isabella LeCour

She is nothing more than the collections of thoughts placed into the virtual worlds. She is a poet, a mother, a lover, many things to different people. But mostly, she is nothing but smoke and mirrors - some ethereal thing that blinks in an out of existence.
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