Whisky Tango Foxtrot

I hate this weather! I’m tired of all this rain, sleet, snow and yucky cold. My sister L had surgery Wednesday to correct a blockage in her kidney. She was lucky enough to be eligible for the davinci machine. Very cool. It’s a surgical robot, very si-fi.  But anyway, I tried to make it out to see my sister yesterday. She lives 50 mins away via interstate which isn’t too bad but in this weather it might as well be a two hours. Me and younger sister D got loaded in my van and we headed on down the road. Everything was fine until we got past the I-64 to I-264 switch over. My wiper blades just stopped working, in the rain, when I’m going 55 miles an hour on the interstate!

We pull off, almost getting clipped just doing that. These damn drivers aren’t paying one whit of attention. I call my hunny, let him know what’s up. He’s on his way but we still got to get the van off the interstate. So how do you do that without wipers in the rain? Very carefully.

Lucky highway safety pulls up behind us, we tell him our idea and it’s a go. So I creeping along the shoulder and just stop before another car abandoned on the shoulder. Eventually we get past that car, onto the off ramp onto Northhampton Blvd.So we creeping along Northampton for the first see-able pull off and take it. Thank the Gods that nothing else went wrong. Hunny eventually shows up, and it’s a very easy fix. Just sickening, how easy it was.

But that wasn’t the end of it at all. No sirree. We decide we might as well keep going. I just didn’t know the fates had said “Hotel echo lima lima Foxtrot uniform charlie kilo  November oscar!”

Back on the interstate trying to make it there, and I spot a new problem. The wiper blade is disintegrating. We stop and remove the metal strip that has gummed up my wiper blades. So again I’m pulling off the interstate in the rain with no blades working. That’s twice. OK, it doesn’t seem so bad, which it would be if it had stayed that way. We get back on  and well the rest of the blade just starts flapping around. Total loss of the blade and a broken holder. Grrrr. The noise is horrendous. The screeching of metal on glass is just bad. I turned around and went home. Before it was over I wanted to pull my ears off and toss them out the window. I can still feel the sound inside my ears. I know there is some damage.

But sis, I will get out there. It’s just not going to be in the rain, hopefully. And fates, Foxtrot Uniform!


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