In the Kichen again.

I baked two loaves of wheat bread yesterday. I’m out of wheat germ so my bread isn’t as yummy as I like it. I used 2 cups of whole wheat flour to about 3 cups of AP flour. I’m still using the wheat gluten. I’m getting good rise and great texture. My only complaint is I think I’m putting the loaves in before they have a good rise in the pans. I score the tops but I don’t seem to get any oven rise. Could it be the yeast I’m using? I’m using the rapid rise / bread machine yeast. I’ve got to look into it.

I’m still having problems with my hands. I have to wash my hands and disinfect every time I touch the dough. It’s barely enough to keep my hands flexible.

Today is my hubby’s birthday. I stayed up late last night and baked a chocolate cake. It’s sitting on the counter looking so yummy. I don’t know how he didn’t cut a piece for lunch.


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