Blizzard of 2010…..dum dum duuuum.

OK. It snowed. It’s cold.  It’s too icy to drive anywhere. And my weekend has been a bummer. So many events canceled on me. One of which I’m really upset about. pout Dang, dang double dang.

My little Emy had a blast with the snow. She played so much she didn’t want to come it. Poor thing was so wore out she went down for a nap after she got warmed back up.

Little Abby loves her walker. Daddy came home and surprised her with it. Her eyes were huge just watching him put it together. She can just touch the floor on the lowest settings. Tends to go backwards still but she’s starting to get the forward movement going. Soon. I’m still waiting for her to crawl. I’m wondering if she’s going to be like me and skip crawling all together.

On a sad note, no one has said a word about my hair. Not one word. Not a, hey did you change something? or a..did you get a hair cut? Nothing. It’s like no one noticed. Could it be looking bad? and no one wanting to say anything? Or are people just not observant? I’m perplexed.

Imbolc is just around the corner. But in the mean time, enjoy a frosty Full Moon.


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