Having yarn between my fingers….

Yesterday I broke out the yarn bag. It’s been so long I had no idea what was in the bag. After taking inventory; which was a blast seeing all my hooks and needles again, I cast on my needles. I had to break out the book to refresh my memory. But after two casts of 20, my hands remembered what they were supposed to. I was shocked but very happy. The last time I had attempted knitting, I had flubbed badly. Now I just got to start working the second row.

I’m hoping to work on some quick projects, like knitted washcloths. I have plenty of Red Heart yarn and some yummy green and yellow striped cotton yarn to work with. The challenge for me will be learning to bind off. And to set aside time to work on it and somehow keep the kids out of it.

Speaking of kids, the little one is awake. I can hear her playing with the rattle.



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