It shouldn’t have happened, not like this.

The tragedy in Haiti is more that I can imagine. And the daily news coverage is way more that I can handle. This event has me scrambling away from the TV and from all of my new sources. When I dwell on it for any length of time, I feel very helpless and very sad for those survivors. There is a spot in my heart that hurts when I think about the few pictures I saw. The lost of life is so unimaginable. I feel like I am mourning for the lost. This event is bringing me to tears.

I’m not sure what more I can add to all the talk about Haiti that’s going around in the news and in the blogs. Pat and Rush so far are the two pieces that made it past my self imposed firewall. I was able to catch Pat Robertson’s outrageous comments about Haiti on YouTube and was unsurprised by it. His kind of shock factor has wore thin over the years.

Roberson was repeating what many conservative Christians had read and believed. I remember having these kinds of discussion with my own father about the situation in Haiti. The whole Haiti made a pact with the devil was one of those unquestioned stories that float around. What I guess shocked the media is that he let out one of the “secrets.” I don’t get what makes it such a shocker. From a Conservative Christian world view, wouldn’t any prayer to any deity but their own seam like a pact with the devil to them? It makes sense to me. They just don’t have a tolerant bone in their belief system and it shows.

Reading about Rush Limbaugh’s gaffs makes me wonder if anyone in the media has a attention span longer than a soundbite anymore. Lifting a single sentence out of a conversation is akin to eavesdropping and catching less than every third word said. Read the transcript for yourself and then make up your mind. It takes more work to exercise the mind that to fall in line, but I promise it’s worth it in the long run. The worst that could happen is that you would learn something. And is learning really that bad of a thing?

But what really angers me is this tragedy was preventable. You can not stop earthquakes but those shoddy, poorly constructed and badly designed buildings were preventable. There is no excuse for this. The knowledge exists. Earthquake building codes exist. It is possible to build safer buildings even in the poorest of countries. You just need the law, the code enforcement and a stable government, basic infrastructure; all of which Haiti did not have. And why did Haiti not have this?

That question is going to be analysed in the days to come by government agencies, the media and eventually by history. Whatever the answer is, the bottom line is that you can’t help someone until they help themselves. It’s a tough fact to face, especially in the light of this tragedy.

But right now Haiti needs help. They need medical care, food and water, and some direction while everyone is in shock. At some point they are going to have to take control of the situation themselves. Not today, and not tomorrow or even a few months from now but at some definable point in the future. And when they do I hope, nay I pray that the mistakes of the past that led to this is over and done with. I pray that Haiti stands stable, strong and noble in spirit.

But in the meantime, I’m going to visit my local Red Cross and donate blood. I encourage everyone that can to do so, please. You can save a life.


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