Walking the Path. A Tarot Exploration.

I’ve been working with tarot for too many years to count and I still consider myself a rank novice. I’ve taken an haphazard approach to it all these years. I’m looking to change that.

I started with a deck of playing cards, basic numerology and intuition for my first few readings. Never considered them to be anything more than entertainment until friends started taking them seriously. That’s when I knew I was on to something and needed more study. Over the years I’ve been slowly learning, a little bit here and little bit there. Now I feel it’s time for me to do a structured self study on the tarot. This is what Walking the Path is about.

I use the Rider-Waite deck exclusively. I’ve owned other decks but none has ever felt right like the Rider-Waite. I intend to go through the deck, card by card and focus on what each card means. I want to investigate the historical meanings, popular meanings, symbols used in the art work and my own intuition’s interpretation. By no means do I think I’m going to be able to write all of that up. But I do intend to post my notes and thoughts on the cards.

I am hoping that by the time I’ve gone through the entire deck that I will be better acquainted with the cards and their meanings. What I really hope is that I’ll be able to do a reading without having to refer to some book for each card.

Now all I got to do is pick a card.



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