I have 30 blank rounds that were cut almost three years ago. I’ve already forgotten what kind of wood it is as I had peeled the bark. It’s a very fine grained wood which is proving to be problematic to the way I had intended to make them. I was planning to engrave the runes using a dremel. I’m not sure if I want to leave them unpainted or not.

There is so much conflicting information on the net regarding the making of runes, including which set of runes to use. I don’t know if I like the ideas of redding the runes. I’m not even sure on the historical-ness of all the ritual around the runes. Despite runes being a form of written language historically, I want to know more before I start marking the wood.

I don’t have an affinity to Heathenism, or to Norse and Viking legend. Which has caused me much pause all these years. Should I continue? I like this style of divination. I’ve have very few rune readings done. But for some reason the idea crawled in and got stuck. Maybe I should make my own set, with my own meanings.

But I did break out the sandpaper and the dremel and got to work sanding down the edges on the blanks. I still need to sand the flats and engrave and paint the runes. I did manage to get the burrs and inner membrane off the blanks. I was amazed just how fast it went using a power tool and thankful too. My baby girl woke up when I was midway through the set. So here are some before and after pictures.





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