November 2009

I’ve managed to potty train Emy and take care of my little one as well. There is nothing like having hubby laid off that puts the rush on potty training! Emy still has a accident maybe once every other day and night-times are still 50-50 but that’s OK. She’s gotten good at expressing her needs and has even taken the initiative to do the deed herself. I’ve very proud of her.

Abby is still the little eater, nice an’ chubby with baby rolls. She’s a screamer; piercing, ear shattering screams. I’m beginning to think she likes to do it. Sometimes it’s from frustration, tiredness and sometimes from hunger. But there are times she starts up and I haven’t a clue as to why she’s upset. I just run down the list and I can’t figure it out. My nerves are just about gone. She’s starting to tax my patience. Otherwise she’s a happy, pleasant, smiling baby who has horns hidden under all that hair.

She is teething hard, nawing on everything.I have to keep her in a bib as she drools so bad that I change it twice a day! She’s almost at the age of adding solid foods. I’m going to wait until she’s between six and eight months before introducing her to any solids. I’m thinking sweet potatoes might be just the thing again.

Still having issues with Emy and eating. She’s so picky and she’s a carb addict. If it weren’t for vitamins I’d be beyond worried silly. She’s made some small progress with getting strange food near her. Some of it she will smell but still reject. I don’t know what it is but there is a whole lot she won’t touch and very little that she will. I just don’t get it. It’s going to be a perennial worry of mine.

I’m tired so this is the end of this update.

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