Paying for an Education

Question of the Week #8 – Paying for an Education

So why shouldn’t you be charged for Wicca? Is there anything about Wicca that comes for free? Or do you have to pay for it in some way or another all along the way? So let us say that the lessons are free will they still have the same value to you?

Money is what makes the world go around on so many different levels. Does it make our faith go around as well?

First off I’m not Wiccan. I did study Wicca when I first started down this path but that hardly qualifies me beyond my own opinions. In another post I stated that I feel Wicca should remain coven based. If Wicca stayed coven based the whole question of charging for money takes on a new light; one covered in greed.

If a supplicant is learning Wicca; from the prospective coven, charging for the teachings becomes nothing more than exploitation. Now, I’m not talking about charging for supplies. Those costs incurred must come out of someones pocket, often the students. Those charges are reasonable. A responsible student should expect that all teachings have a cost of some sort.

The coven is much more than a Church or a fellowship circle but more of a family. Charging my family for teaching them how to do something that I know well just feels wrong. It’s not in support of the family to do so. In fact it can hold back the family by using money as the criteria for teaching.

Outside of the coven, charging for teachings start to make a little bit of sense. It is still tainted with greed but a more acceptable form. Time and supplies cost. Teachers are plentiful and credentials questionable. The buyer; in this case the prospective student, must be ware. At best these teachings would be the basics; not the mysteries and not tradition specific teachings. At the worst, the teachings could be harmful.

By paying for lessons, you are affirming a lack of loyalty. You have no loyalty to the teacher beyond paying for the next lesson. The teacher has no loyalty to provide an unpaid for lesson much less offer another lesson. It’s much like attend collage, where one pays for the parchment. Knowledge isn’t necessarily transmitted just because you paid for the lesson.

It is an Outer Court thing to charge for teachings. It does not touch on the heart of Wicca.

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