Question of the Week #9 – The Great Rite

Question of the Week #9 – The Great Rite

This weeks question comes from a discussion I had with a friend the other night. The Great Rite is a beautiful, symbolic or real act in circle and can have great power behind it. But is it something that you do? Lately I’ve been talking to many pagans as of late and it seems to be less and less common. Is the Great Rite a part of your own spiritual practice? Is it something that you do in every circle you hold? Maybe it is something that you reserve for Full moons or the Major holidays?

Regardless of how you work with the Great Rite or if you do at all. How did you come to the decisions you did surrounding it?

Hieros Gamos, The Great Rite, The sacred Marriage, Holy and Divine Union, Sacred Alchemy.

In many ways it is the core to my ritual practice. It is the foremost rite and it is the most important one in my practice.

There does seam to be a lack of interest in performing even the symbolic Great Rite – Wiccan style. I have never seen it done in public circle. I don’t know if it’s because it is thought of as strictly Wiccan, which it is not. Or if it is an after effect of the PR campaign to appear acceptable by the mainstream public by sanitizing the interesting bits like this rite.

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