Question of the Week #7 – Life and Death

Question of the Week #7 – Life and Death

He decide to step up and face his death in a noble fashion defending his people. Have we lost this option [Euthanasia] in the modern world? …….

As a pagan how do you feel about it? Should we have more control? Should we take more control over the last part of our life? If as pagans we believe in Reincarnation should maybe Euthanasia not be an option for us since we believe that we will just come back again for another life. Is it to easy of an out for us?

This question has been particularly hard for me. I’ve lost a few loved ones in my life, my mother and my husband’s brother. Both died far to young and left behind many who dearly loved them. I’ve had to step back a bit and let the question percolate.

For Pagans, the question of death is multifaceted. There are so many different ways to view and approach death in a religious sense. I don’t believe that my views about death are particularly Pagan rather than being my own. Perhaps it’s my age that shows in my attitudes towards death and more importantly my own mortality. Or maybe it’s my facing the facts that I’ve survived life threatening medical conditions and confronted my own mortality. Either way, it’s not death that needs to be noble but life and one well lived at that. Somewhere I’ve read that one ought to aim at living well and when death comes, go sliding in towards home plate, body all used up and saying “What a ride!” I like that idea.

That’s how I want my death to be, with a smile on my face and have had enjoyed every possible minute alive. Knowing what my ideal is makes it easier for me to keep focused rather than get swept away by the whole medicalised process and make better informed decisions. I know there comes a point where the medical industry can no longer help but hinders instead. One can not save the dying. The point of where that is differs with each person. And there needs to be a process of letting go, of letting go of attachment, of the body, of life, of fear, of sorrow and allow acceptance of the process of death.

I really think that this society, Western society has become so frightened of death that most of us can not accept it, neither for themselves or for their loved ones. Too much unhealthy unrealistic obsession with life has caused us to lose control of death. Or maybe it’s the first time in human history that a natural death of old age, illnesses and so forth are outnumbering sudden deaths. Perhaps this slower path to death has naturally raised the alarms, so we attempt to prolong life.

Death and life are cyclic process and for some Pagans, reincarnation is a part of it. I don’t think society will tank if a majority of it’s members supported reincarnation and ethical euthanasia.

Some of us will never go quietly into that dark night. Some of us can not imagine anything but fighting unto the bitter end. And then there are those who don’t have that spirit to fight and view the inevitable with calm. Both should be allowed to approach death with the philosophy their choice.

After a wrong click of the mouse this whole post vanished into cyberbits. It’s resurrection can be attributed to the best browser I’ve ever used. Mozilla Firefox. Right now I’m beyond thankful.

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