Please Forward .. Please Take the National Pagan Census

Would you please help get the word out?

This is an international survey of the pagan population, and it is a VERY exhaustive and well-constructed analysis.
Feel free to repost it to any and all groups you are on, and definitely take part in the survey if you can.
These are reputable people doing the study.

Voices from the pagan census: a national survey of witches and neo-pagans
By Helen A. Berger, Evan A. Leach, Leigh S. Shaffer

Book overview
Keenly anticipated by the academic and Neo-Pagan communities, the results of the census provide the most in-depth information about the group yet assembled. Comparing Neo-Pagans with American society at large, Berger, Leach, and Shaffer show that although the two groups share certain statistical characteristics, there are differences as well. The scholars also identify variations within the Neo-Pagan population, including those related to geography and to the movement’s multiple spiritual paths.

This came across one of my groups yesterday. I took the survey and it’s very interesting. It felt like the researchers are trying to figure out what side of the political spectrum most Pagans are on.

Editing to add: 2:33pm 9/08/09

Just saw a notice from a CUUPS group talking about this survey. Turns out that the WildHunt Blog has post on this. ► Look Here.


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