We need Lunar One.

Between reading Stranger in a Strange Land and watching the History Channels’ show That’s Impossible: Death Rays & Energy Weapons last night; I came to the conclusion that we need Lunar One. We must have Lunar One.

In Si-Fi terms, Lunar One is the Moon base. It’s the first outpost we should build and it’s the first major step off the planet towards Mars. And I think the technology is just about ready to make Lunar One a reality. The last frontier is outer space and our solar system. I really want to see society push for expansion. I really want us to get to Mars.

Scientists have been working for decades now trying to work out the problems on the technology. Now we need a proving ground, to show the world that we are ready to jump off world. That is where Lunar One comes in. It close enough to provide possible rescue and far enough to truly be on it’s own. It will be the first step to human colonization of Mars.

We need Lunar One.


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  1. Iritar says:

    I believe that our government has trouble grokking this one. Thank you for making sense!

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