It’s been a long while sense I’ve posted anything meaningful here. My kids are growing like weeds. My two year old is starting to potty train and my two month is just beginning to sleep through the night. I am very happy about that. I’m not so wore out dealing with my early bird and night owl. Yes, mommy can live on five hours of sleep a night. But damn she crashes hard on the weekends.

I haven’t even tried to keep up with my crochet or my sourdough. I want to say I don’t have the time but it’s much more than that. I just don’t have the motivation. I want to start up the sourdough again but knowing I’m going to Florida in December makes me pause. Last time, my hubby didn’t feed my pet and when I came back, my poor pet was far too gone to recover. I did try. Hell, I’m even worried about my fish tank. What am I going to do about them? I need a house sitter for a few tetras.

freshwater 20 gal highYeah, it’s a big tank for a few tetras but I have a weakness for the blue and red fish. One of those sentimental things. Memories from my childhood, of good ‘ole days, of my mother and my first fish tank. Well it’s was really her tank but it was in my room. I’d go to sleep watching the fish in the moon light. It was always so calming and peaceful.

Lately I’ve been dealing with an overabundance of algae but that’s the fault of the location. It’s gets a bit of filtered sunlight everyday. This weekend I hope to purchase a new filter and some algae suppressor and see how it does. Definitely do a half tank water change too.

And somehow, I’ve got to keep Emily out of the tank. She’s a water baby and she hasn’t resisted the impulse to play in the tank. My poor tetras get so scared and hide. They are hardy fish. They manage to survive her invasion of their home. I’m just praying I don’t find a cookie or a sandwich in the tank one day. At least I don’t have a VCR for her to shove a PB&J in.

Abigail, my two month old, has been a real treat. She’s such a quiet baby….that is until she decides that mommy isn’t moving fast enough to feed her. Oh boy, oh boy can she open up and make a racket! I didn’t get to hear her voice until about three weeks after she was born. I was switching her over from breast to bottle and well bottles take longer. She let me know waiting wasn’t her game. LOL She’s just like her daddy. Don’t make them wait to eat, they get grumpy. And you will know it.

Abby’s about to go off, so I’m going to wrap this up. Till next time, May the sun smile upon you.


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  1. jamaesi says:

    New filter should help, and so do frequent water changes (doesn’t have to be half at a time if it’s more frequent, just 10-20% weekly) and vacuuming the gravel weekly- that takes extra nutrients out of the system and leaves the algae with little to eat. 🙂

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