Get My Battle Gear Ready….The Need for Pagan Debate.

In one of the sites that I participate in, there is a group devoted to Pagan debate and it’s on the verge of collapse. It’s never grown very large or had many discussions. What it did have was some very intelligent conversations about Pagan issues. I never thought the group had a problem with it’s name or generally stated goal and yet I have a hard time explaining why there isn’t much interest in the group. I thought it was a great idea and I still do. Pagan Debate as an ideal is a valuable hammer stone for refining ideas.

But why is the group going under? I don’t think it’s a traffic issue, but something more sinister. Pagans don’t want to be seen disagreeing or auguring with each other. Especially in public, and what is more public than the web.

I’ve noticed this on other sites that are not devoted to all things Pagan. The hard fought for sections lay dormant and underused. Mild disagreement is admonished in favor of Pagan Unity. Or worst of all, the total lack of debate from the site participants.


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