But….., Do fish count as pets?

Question of the Week #6 – Pets and Circle

This week the question is about what we do with our pets for ritual. And I’m at a marked disadvantage with this question; I don’t have any pets. But…, do fish count as pets?

Long long ago I used to be a cat lover. I admired their intellect, their individually and they need to be petted, but I wasn’t willing to be a top notch owner. I just hated changing the litter pan and ugggh…giving them their flea baths and oh, all the other things that needed to be done that cost time and money. For me having a pet wasn’t fun and it showed.

Why am I telling you this? Because if I ever have another cat or some other creature, chances are I’m not going to want animals out and about while I’m trying to reach the Gods. I could analyze this to death and come up with all sorts of reasons. Maybe I’m just a perfectionist, maybe I’m a little controlling, maybe I really don’t like to trip over animals, maybe I just think animals don’t belong in worship…unless it’s a seeing eye dog that’s helping you walk the circle.

I’m not a devote to Bast, that Great Lady of the Nile and of Cats. That Great Lady will swamp you down with cats. Maybe that’s the whole reason after all.

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2 Responses to But….., Do fish count as pets?

  1. Randilin says:

    Great answer, I'd never even considered the effects ritual and magic might have the fish as they swim about in their tank.

    You commented about not wanting to trip over a pet or anything in circle is an interesting one. In my own case with four cats in circle. I've always found them to be very respectful of space. It is as if they know something of importance is going on and they want to take part but they know when to get out of the way.

    Thanks for taking the time to answer. Hope to see you in future weeks.

  2. The cats I had, I could have swore were Loki's own kin in feline form. I never could make a pot of coffee, much less anything that required walking without them weaving in and out between my feet.

    I loved them to bits, don't get me wrong. I was more worried that I'd accidentally kill them I tripped on them instead of worrying about what damage they could cause me if I fell.

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