Our Local Pain in the Gluteus Maximus.

Again there were out in force, preaching in the streets and into the evening news. But I love this area. People here don’t put up with this CRAP without heckling them back. Freedom of speech, got to love it!

Edit to add for those who don’t know and could use a little background info:

Pastor Gibson of the Norfolk True Vine Baptist Church is a member of Street Preachers. I was a young girl when his group came to my hometown, 23 or so years ago and created quite a stir. Although my father had minor disagreements with Gibson’s teachings, he did disagree with this approach to “the great commission.” At first they tackled the abortion clinics and then tackled the free speech issue, won and stayed.

Now the entire metro area has seen street preachers of all shades. But it’s taken long enough for the locals to gain their teeth and confront these idiots. This area is full of extremist. From the headquarters of PETA, to Pat Robertson’s 700 Club to the Edgar Casey’s ARE Center; I’m shocked we haven’t exploded from all the diverse and opposing views.


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