Interesting Experience at the Playground

It’s been a cool day after having been drowned in rain for a week. So I took Miss Em to the park, to play and run and just enjoy being outside after being cooped up for so long. We when everywhere, from the slides to the swings. She had a blast! After being there for a while, we went to the concession stand and got a firecracker pop. Red, white and blue and oh so yummy! And cold!

So I’m sitting there on a bench sharing it with her and these two kids were just staring at us.A girl and a boy, either brother and sister or at least cousins and they couldn’t have been no older than ten, more like seven and eight. They just hawked us. Kept staring the entire time. They even had stopped playing to circle in front of us like vultures waiting to come in for the kill. Walking back and forth, back and forth. These kids were just rude. Looking them back in the eye didn’t even phase them one bit. I had a bit of a staring contest with them. It didn’t even bother them. They never looked away, never broke contact. I looked around for their parental unit and she was off a bit chatting away on a cell phone while tending to a stroller. She never said one word them the entire time. WTH?

Were these kids thinking I’d go buy them a pop too? Staring me down will not get your way with me. If anything you’ll be the recipient of my sharp tongue. It was the most annoying experience I’ve had at a playground to date. What the hell do you say to numskull’s like them?

What gets me is that these two had no respect of any kind to any type of authority. If they had, they would not be engaging an adult in a stare down. Sadly to say I’m thinking these two are destined to be troublemakers if something doesn’t change and change soon.


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