I am a Sex-Positive Feminist

Yes, I said it. Sex positive Feminist. What does that mean? Sex positive movement is about the freedom of choice, specifically the freedom of sexual choice, sexual education, sexual pleasure and sexual identity for woman. It’s about a woman’s freedom which includes sexual freedom. It’s about getting rid of the tired chains of a sex negative culture and society. It’s about reshaping our ideas of sex into a more positive role and position in our lives. It’s about loving our bodies and accepting that we are sexual creatures, and it’s OK.

For me this means I support pornography, sex education in schools, sex workers, condoms, birth control, the right to buy, sell and manufacture sex toys and products, pro-choice on abortion,  lesbians, bisexuals, transsexuals (did I miss anyone), alternative marriage (group marriages, line marriages, etc, including gay and lesbian marriage) and a whole variety of consensual sexual practices, between adults of course.

A woman should have the right to work as she chooses without having to explain it to self righteous busy bodies. Too bad this isn’t a live and let live world.

If she wants to be a stripper…more power to her.
If she wants to work at a brothel…more power to her.
If she’s a street walker……more power to her and I’ll push for legislation and regulations so that its a safer job.
If she wants to work in the porn films…more power to her and she shouldn’t have to put up with the pushy directer and the casting couch.
If a woman is being sexually harassed at work she should have the right to make it stop without repercussions.

A woman should have the right to choose whom, when, where, and how many she want to be sexually active with. It’s her choice and it doesn’t need someone else’s negative judgment. Too bad this isn’t a live at let live world.

If she likes monogamy….more power to her.
If she likes polyamory……more power to her.
If she likes celibacy……..more power to her.
If she likes open marriage…..more power to her.
If she likes swinging, BDSM, or any other alt. sexual practice….more power to her.
If she likes to have sex…..more power to her!
If she likes sex toys and porn…..more power to her!
If she wants to use a condom…she should have them.
If she wants to use birth control…it should be available to her. Without judgment, without condemnation.
Too bad this isn’t a live and let live world.

A woman should have the right to say “NO” and have it respected. A woman should be able to report sexual crimes without negative scrutiny that’s without justification and merely being a woman isn’t justification.

Rape is a crime. Molestation is a crime. Date rape is a crime. Coercion should be a crime!!   It should not be tolerated or swept under the rug by anyone; be it family, police or community. I support anti- rape education and rape awareness and support for victims of rape and their families. I support tougher jail terms for rapists. They do not deserve the slap on the wrist they often get!

The thing is sex is a natural and beautiful. There is no need to view it as degrading, sinful, shameful, or any of the host of negative words that contribute to having a sex negative mindset. It’s a shame that a woman still has to justify her choices that are her’s to make.


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