Local Satanic Panic

My local news station aired a segment Thursday at 6pm that they had been promoting all week about Vampires. I made sure I was watching when the spot aired. I about laughed my ass off with all the misconceptions they were giving the public. It’s a shame really, scaring all the folks who don’t know a thing about it. And we have a fairly strong Vampire sub-culture here too so eventually there are going to be repercussions. I found an article with video that is a basic transcript of the clip. What do you guys think about this? Is there something in the water this time of year for these kind of sensational news stories?


Local station that aired the segment.

Mar. 26, 2009 at 12:35 PM

I have to add an update to this. I ran across a favorite blog of mine that tackled this issue, The Wild Hunt.

I’m glad this has gotten some notice by the bloggers and dissected much better than I ever could do.


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