A little update.

I think this kid will eat everything. I’ve had some very strange cravings for me. Chill dogs with onions. Now those who know me know that I can’t stand to eat most hot dogs. I can’t even force myself to choke one down. The only hot dog I’ve ever had any luck with was from Tony’s Jrs back in Norfolk. I’ve tried Sonic’s and they’re close but not the best. My cravings got so bad I actually asked Dh to get me a Sonic foot-long. It was good but the craving wasn’t satisfied. Hubby eventually got all the fixing to do a chill dog night and boy oh boy..I don’t know how he did it, but he was spot on with everything. Finely I was in chill dog heaven. lol I hope baby got a taste!

I’ve gotten bigger. I can’t see my toes anymore. Still don’t know how much I weigh. Don’t have a scale. Still haven’t seen a doctor. Still no real idea how far along I am. I know that the fundus is just about to hit my belly button. So I could be between five and six months now. With Emy, I never got that big and it never reached the belly button, so it makes me wonder. So now I’m thinking I’ll deliver between mid June and early July. I think August just might be way wrong. Funny, it seams like I got pregnant at the same time of year for both pregnancies. lol

I’m feeling a lot more movement. For the last month I’ve felt flutters and shifting but nothing major. I’ve only felt one strong kick and now I’m getting consistent flutters and somersaults. It’s wonderful to feel the little one moving around. I’m impatient to feel the movements on the outside. I want Emy to feel the baby kick. She’s doesn’t understand what I mean when I was there’s a baby in the belly. I hope when she can feel movement that maybe it will click.

There is a whole lot of things that’s got to happen in the next three months. We need another car, just so we can take everyone home from the hospital on delivery day. Right now all we have is a truck and that won’t fit two car seats. My sister and her bf have got to get a place on their own. Seriously I’m not going to bring baby home with two dogs in the house. Aint gonna happen. I’ve got to reset up the bassinet in the bedroom, which means I’ve got to get a move on with the cleaning. Pull out all the old baby clothes from the garage. I don’t think I have much of that left, actually. I hope to get an ultrasound soon. That’s $300 just for one and we’re still saving up for it. I’d like a better EDD that what I’ve got so far. And if we find out the sex, it would make one decision easier; about keeping Emy’s clothes for the new baby or not.

Got to get a garden started this spring. Financially we can’t afford not to. We need to eat our veggies. So here’s to hopping my brown thumb won’t be brown this spring and my growing belly won’t prevent me from putting the garden in. Emy loved being outside during the summer. I hope she doesn’t try to eat dirt again. I’m planning on putting in the three sisters and doing a salad garden. I wish I had the room and equipment for potatoes. I’ll make do anyway.


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