Surgery Update

This past Monday, Emy had surgery scheduled at CHKD. She was going in for a bronchoscopy / laryngoscopy. She’s had “croup” like attacks and it’s happened often enough to be labeled chronic. So off to surgery we went.

She wasn’t allowed to eat past midnight Sunday or drink past 7:45am Monday morning so she was a grumpy hungry toddler with a fairly sad disposition. It was the first time we’ve ever refused her food and she didn’t know what to think. It’s a very good thing that the waiting room looks more like a playroom. It takes hunger off a toddler’s mind.

By 12:20pm she was taken back for the procedure and we went off to the waiting room where we could finely eat too. We just couldn’t eat in front of her when she couldn’t do the same. It just didn’t seam right to do that to her. We weren’t in there very long before the doctor came and talked to us.

The procedure went well. The results were unexpected. She’s got 40% constriction of her airways and her tube is elecpictal instead of being circular. It may or may not be a birth defect or a result of being intubated for so long in the NICU, a two and a half months. At least there wasn’t extencive scaring or polyps blocking the airway.

Turns out if her airway was constricted by 50% they’d recommend doing a surgery that would enlarge the passage way. But that wouldn’t be done until she was much bigger and able to handle the extensive surgery or unless she continued to have severe problems. Either way it comes down to a wait and see deal. At least we now know what we are dealing with.

We were also given a prescription for a steroid that helps prevent swelling. We are to use it as needed, so that’s usually when she’s got a cold. Every time she starts a runny nose I go on high alert. At least now I can hopefully prevent another “croup” like attack and she’s be able to rest easier and without panic.

Emy’s recovered well from the whole ordeal. She was beyond happy to drink and eat again. Her appetite has returned to normal. But she’s no longer so insistent to eat. I think she’s learned that it’s not going to hurt her if she doesn’t eat; which is so unlike her first few months on this earth.

In the end, I guess; All’s well that ends well.


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