Good Rise on Loaf

I tend to let my starter go for a little before I work it back up. This time I was pleasantly surprised when it bounced back after four feedings! And WOW it didn’t just bounce back, it rose to meet the challenge. I baked a loaf yesterday and it came out good. Just a hit of sour but still very dense. It had great rise this time and I’m looking forward to working with this more often.

One thing I noticed about my starter was the longer it sat the more pronounced the vinegar smell. And the bread itself isn’t too sour. It’s got a hint of it that you can feel on the back of the tongue. I wonder if the longer I keep this batch going if the flavor and characteristics will change. I know I pleased as punch that I’ve got a good cold rise starter.

Now that I’ve got a super happy starter I’m going to be looking at the different recipes and trying them out. I’ve been working with the basic flour, water and oil type of recipes and I’m ready to branch out. I want a good crust, fluffy body and it’s got to have taste.

I’m going to record the recipes I’ve used and crossing fingers take pictures for posting. I want to see what my wonderful pet can do.


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