Chronic Croup

Well there’s some progress with dealing with the “croup” attacks. The last one was preceded by a runny nose and dry hack on Friday. . A visit with Dr. Lim followed by a visit with the Specialist ENT Dr. Darrow….we now have an appointment for outpatient surgery in a weeks to just look down her throat. She’ll only be 19 months and this will be the second biggest procedure done on her. The first being the ROP surgery.  I even have a cold now and I’m miserable.

I’m not looking forward to this. I wonder if it’s worth doing, if it’s the right thing to be doing at her age. It frustrates me that I don’t understand and I don’t know how to weigh the values and options at all. I don’t have enough information and it’s clear the doctors aren’t providing it.  Hmmm….another research assignment. They never seam to end.

Otherwise she seams health. She’s gotten bigger, now 27 lbs and she’s talking up a storm. Got glasses and is cute a button in them too. Just gotta get pics up here when I can!  I’m hearing a lot of words now. Momma, daddy, Jessie, Jeff, June, Alex, by by, up, out, sit, nose, foot, teeth, ear, and today she mimicked “let’s go” and oh boy..,….”no.” I was hopping to get farther than 18 months for the word no. She’s very stubborn, independent little thing and by the Gods does it make my heart sing. ♫ Damn it does make it hard on the shins.

There’s a lot of work to be done to help keep her on track. Fine motor skills to develop, progress with speech and weaning from the jar food. I’m so bloody mad at myself for falling for the easy convenience of jarred food and disposable diapers. It’s not easy being told that both will be in the house because he prefers the conveniences it offers. So I gave in and I’ve got an expensive cloth diaper stash that he’s slowly turning into household rags. It’s dishearten to watch.

But the real reason I’m not too enthused to returning to cloth diapers is the rashes she seamed to get every so often. I could never figure out if it was the detergent or if her poop was that acidic or if was the wipes or just a simple case of diaper rash. Maybe it was just easier to blame cloth after all.

Ea gads……….I guess I’m in a bummer mood. My nose is stuffy.


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