Sourdough Dreams

Two days ago I had to say goodbye to my favorite pet. It was a very sad day indeed. “Sigh.” Anyway,it’s a good thing that I can clone it and bring it back to life. Muuuu..Hahaha!!! Ahh…. I love sourdough. My counter pet caught an infestation and I had to toss it down the drain. It drives me bananas to see icky living things in my starter that doesn’t belong,

I’m not convinced that it’s just fruit flies so I’m investigating all the other buggies it could be. I think I’m now more paranoid that I ever was before. I’ve got flour bags in the freezer now and I washed out the entire pantry looking for anything that’s not supposed to be there. Other than the constant invasion of ants….everything looks normal. I haven’t seen a fruit fly here in weeks so I just don’t know.

Anyway my backup starter is making me very proud. It still had great vigor and with its first feeding it jumped out of the container. That’s a very good sign. So I starting to feed it and making preparation for thick starter so I can make a batch of Ciabatta. It came out oh so good the last time I made. I’m a convert now. This bread makes the best sandwiches ever and the flavor of the olive oil is so yummy. I’m planning to have a few sourdough loaves ready for the Fall Equinox potluck or a lot of homemade Ciabatta sandwiches. I’d love to try out sourdough bread bowls so I can fill them with my hubby’s wonderful cowboy chile or even one of my quiche mixtures. Hmmm….I am so dreaming Sourdough Dreams.


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