I’m amazed at how hard it’s been to keep up progress. Just 6 inches a day doesn’t seam hard at all. However, the universe is determined to keep me from that goal. My hands blew up again. I have a skin condition that I’ve had ever since I was little. It flares up and my hands become painful, raw and red malformations of what they once was. This week it’s been the worse that is been in ages. I couldn’t even handle the hot water I use for doing the dishes.

So my afghan is at a stand still. It’s growing albeit slowly. I’m very afraid that I’m going to have to adjust the due date of the project on Ravely. It blows. Anyway I’m almost through the second skein of yarn. It feels very different from my other skeins. It’s rougher, thinner and just plain ickier. I wonder just what happened for Red Heart to produce that in a yarn.

All my other projects are at a standstill. I just purchased bobbins yesterday. Now that I have them there isn’t a real reason for me not to start working on my sewing. I’ve got a few project ideas that I’d like to explore.

  • Sunflower fabric – kitchen curtains
  • plain muslin – repair stuffed toy dog
  • blue plaid flannel- hubby boxers shorts
  • stretchy floral print- Emy dress
  • blue and white gingham- curtains or apron
  • Goddess doll- need to purchase fabric

Eh..maybe after tonight things will being looking better. It’s stitch and bitch night.


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