Restarting the starter

After a shitty summer last year I stopped working with my starters. It’s easy to get discouraged. it’s not easy to trudge on with problem after problem. After the invasion of the little white fucking flies I decided that I needed a new container for the starter. Those buggers can ruin a starter in no time flat and they managed to kill a started I had going for over a year. Damn lids. It’s the lid that causes a great deal of grief. Too tight and it will blow off. Yup I found that out the hard way. Too loose and those fruit flies will get in and ruin it. I’ll save you all from describing just how ruined it was. Trust me, no way was I keeping that.

Anyway, I finely found a container last month. It’s a stoneware crock. It looks just like a bean pot that can be tossed in the oven and it can. It’s oven proof, microwave proof and dishwasher poof. So far I’m in love!! lol My starter has already taken off in two days and now I’m baking bread again. Hmmm bread.

This morning its the yeast activity test. Basically its Raisin Bread with a sourdough sponge base.
Hmm….but it’s taken a bit longer this morning to bake.

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