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Richard Packham’s Sourdough Pages
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His site is good for starting out. The recipes are excellent. But due to his heavy site traffic it’s sometimes down for the rest of the month. Try to find his mirror sites. He has a few.

Sourdough Home
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This site is one of the best. Good for those familiar with yeast baking. Great recipes. Although they discourage making your starter from scratch, they do offer some decent advice on how to go about it and how to obtain a live starter. There is a lot at this site. Do take a look at the Sourdough Myths page and all the rest.

Sourdough Baking The Basics by S. John Ross


I just love the straight forward way this site is written. Very simple and very down to home. It really is about the basics. It’s a great site to get started with but not for finding answers to pesky questions.

Bread and Sourdough

This site is for advanced bakers. It scientifically minded and yet has hard to navigate rambling pages of a personal sourdough investigation project. It is well worth the effort to discover what more can be learned about sourdough.

Carl Griffith’s Sourdough Page

Need a starter? Well, you can ask Carl, really the friends of Carl. This is a non profit site that provides dry starters for the asking with pre-paid and stamped envelope of course. I’ve never tried it myself but there are plenty on the net that just raves about this starter.

Squidoo’s How to Make a Sourdough Starter

A good basic starter site with pictures of the different stages of sourdough growth. Definitely from a traditional perspective in building starters. Well worth it for the pictures and descriptions.


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