What do you think is too serious to joke about?

Previously posted on a mom’s group.

I know I have an odd sense of humor. I get told this often enough from my family that I’m starting to believe them. But I also don’t get most of their jokes either, which makes this post particularly troublesome.

On this site I’ve ran into so many humorless people that I’m starting to think everyone needs to lighten up.  I think people choose to get offended rather than consider a different point of view. It’s gotten to the point when I read “I’m offended” that my eyes gloss over and roll into the back of my head. Those two little words have no meaning anymore.
Is there something too serious to joke about? Not at all! There are appropriate times, places and audiences for different jokes but nothing is exempt from joke material. Good tact is all in reading the environment before releasing the punchline. Not all jokes are meant to make huge belly laughs…some just invoke a slight chuckle and deep thoughts. They strike that cord inside us that say….yup that’s funny.

Laughter is medicine. Laughter is good for the soul. Humor helps produce laughter. Timing is essential for humor. Anyway…this whole world is absurdly funny. Just look around. This place is nuts!


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