My baby has a cold.

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I hate it when my baby gets sick. She’s got a full blown cold; runny nose, fever, cough and even the eye bugies. She’s been fighting it for since Sunday. Any time she gets a runny nose we end up fighting croup in the middle of the night. Tuesday night wasn’t too bad. It resolved after a steam treatment and exposure to the cold outside air. Last night was different. She stayed croupy all night till early morn when she starting having a cough. Thank the Gods, it’s a productive cough.

We spent the night on the couch. She couldn’t get comfortable anywhere else. She’d wake up very croupy when I tried to lay her down in her crib. Mind you I don’t think either one of us got any real sleep. She still scares me with her periodic breathing. It’s gotten better but it was starting to freak me out. Just watching her breath and pause for five seconds is very unnerving. There were a few times that I shook her awake because of it.

Today, she’s been a bit sleepy, not so hungry and not so active when awake. I know she isn’t feeling well when she just sits in my lap for a few hours. Normally she’s so active it’s a wrestling match to change her diaper. I’m not looking forward to tonight. I just don’t know what this night will bring.


In the middle of the night she starting running a high fever and it wasn’t breaking. Then it spiked to 104.3 and she vomited. We took off for the hospital. Still running high and not breaking easily. Gave her Motrin, and eventual broke the fever. Got a few chest x-rays done and they say she’s got pneumonia. No tests or cultures taken. Prescribed a short term high dose antibiotics. Told to switch from Tylenol to Motrin for fever relieve. It works better and longer. She’s starting to rest and sleep. Still not up to her usual active self yet.

Pneumonia scares me. I’ve got too many stories of my family members just up and walking around with it and not showing any symptoms of it until its beyond serious. Who knew that fever sometimes is the only indicator for pneumonia?


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