Travel with the Baby…

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I’m going on a major trip with my daughter. We’re going to visit my sister in Texas because she’s having her baby around early May. I’m planning on taking the train but I’ve never traveled by myself and never with my daughter. Help??

I know we are going to stay a month and I just don’t know what all I will need for her. She’s not a walker yet; still cruising around furniture and walls. Still eats baby food and has to have a bottle and refrigerated medication. I’m not looking forward to three days on the train. I’m really limited on what I can take. It looks like I’ll be taking two carry-on bags, her diaper bag and a car seat. I can’t even take the co-sleeper because of the train station I’m leaving from doesn’t have checked luggage. Arge!!

Any ideas as to how to keep her entertained? what essential I don’t need to forget? or how do you get to sleep in the coach seat with a baby? Anybody ridden on a train? Help??

I did post this in one other group but really anyone could help. I’m taking Amtrack and I hope to secure the Captiol Limited and the Texas Eagle for my route down. I don’t have much choice in taking coach seats. I took a look on the Amtrack website and they’ve got an interactive section about the sleeper cars. By the time I was done looking at it, I tried to talk my DH in sending me with a sleeper car; until I saw the price. Can you say OUCH! lol



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