I have a few items going on. I still have the socks unfinished. I really feel that I should have finished them by now. Last Wednesday I froged a good six inches of them. I keep reading the directions wrong and have to keep going back to correct them. I’ve read this pattern several times now and I still seam to get it wrong. It’s just cottage socks. It’s not supposed to be this hard to do. Maybe it’s just me.

My afghan is still on the hook. Two weeks ago I froged the whole thing and restarted on a new skein. Halfway through the skein I had to stop and unravel a massive yarn barf. It took three days to undo it. I’m a SAHM and all I was doing was unraveling yarn, with a newly crawling baby in the house! I’ve learned my lesson. I will turn all skeins and hanks into yarn balls just to prevent this. At least I’m now 75% through the first ball of yarn, at least eleven more to go.

My knitting is improving. I can slide the loops easily and I’m not fighting the stitches so much. After doing so much needed reading..I realized that I’m just learning the garter stitch. I was seriously confused and worried that I was messing it all up. When I think of knit items I see all the little v’s. Those happen to be stockinette stitch which I haven’t done yet. Now I just got to get an even and uniform fabric going. I’m going to do a swatch blanket while I’m at it.

Just collect all the swatches from all the stitches that I learn. Should be interesting. I wonder if I should combine the knit and the crochet. Hmmm….got to think about it. It would be a giant sampler.


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