Feeding Issues

It’s been interesting the last few days with Emy. She’s now past the diarrhea but now she’s refusing to eat the stage two foods. I think I made a mistake in feeding her some easy crunch foods..toddler stuff. She took to it and now doesn’t want to look back. I’m being forced to feed her whatever I’ve got on my plate that I’ll think she’ll eat. So far for Valentine’s day, lo main noodles and pancit noodles, yesterday…egg yolk, lo main noodles, pulled pork and little bits of chicken.

She doesn’t have teeth yet and I’m very concerned with what I give her. I’m not sure I can give her a whole bunch of table foods. Most of the food I cook tends to be on the crisp side. I’m terrified of her choking on something I give her. Her self feeding skills are just not there. She hasn’t managed to self feed the stars. She can pick them up but they get sticky and get stuck on her palm. She just doesn’t connect it with food. I’ve been placing them on her lip or tongue when she’s opens up. I think I might have to pick up Cheerios just to see if something not so sticky will make a difference.

I think there needs to be a major change in the way I feed her. Before I just really let her decide when to eat. Now I’m looking at having to establish meal times and use the high chair and to eat with her.


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