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Describe your religion in 5 sentences or less…
1 Love is the highest law.
2 Seek Truth.
3 Create.
4 Nurture.
5 Walk the Middle Road Always.

From an Eclectic Pagan.

I’ve always loved this particular posting I wrote. I had to re-post it. Here are a few more well loved posts. For some reason I prefer keeping them close to me. They are my thought babies. lol They need some loving. hehe

Do you remember when the first time you cast a spell?Yes I do. It was a simple thing, of healing after the desecration of a personal talisman. I remember learning a lot more than magic that day. I learned words can inflict as much harm as actions; and it is not easy to heal those wounds. I was seventeen.

Or the first time you read someone’s palm?
Or read the cards?

I was reading palms when I was eight. Call it play acting if you’d like but I was the only one I knew who read them. The very first time I faced a dilemma, to speak what I saw or to just speak happy news. It did scare me, to see, to feel something.

With the cards, it was a bit different. I didn’t get interested in them until I was 14. I was only able to get a hold of playing cards and well I thought I could do just about the same thing with them. It is possible to read them. Nobody took the readings seriously at first. But one girl did, she wanted a past life reading and I gave it to her. It still bothers me, that what I told. I still see those images a clear now as then.

Do you remember the first charm you ever bought?
Or ever made?

Many of my charms were given to me and as such were later lost. I do regret the lost of one particular charm, which went missing when the friendship was over, I miss that friend. I don’t recall buying a charm but I’ve made a few. There is something special in making one and giving it away.

Do you remember your first ritual tool?
My first tool was a homemade athame of Mimosa wood. It always struck me as a confused tool. Was it a wand or was it an athame? lol It’s done alright by me.

Or first occult book?
“A Witch Alone” by Maron Green.

Do you remember your first steps in magic?
Thinking “now how do I do that.”
I do remember the confusion, paranoia and anguish that came with it. Of being a fence sitter and not being sure of myself, of my faith, of my actions and my mental status. And in the midst of spiritual crises trying to do magic. I don’t know what I was thinking then. There was so much going on then that magic was just a blip on the radar of life.


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