I posted this on a forum some time ago. I figured it would be good here too.
I don’t know if my experiences are what you would call OBE’s. I’ve worked with lucid dreaming for years now. I got in to dream working because of several reoccurring dreams of both varieties. In my teens and twenties I was working with self hypnosis and lucid dreaming to deal with several deep personal scars. So I think those skills may have effected this particular experience.

I had been awake for over 40 hours and was hyped up on caffeine. Hanging out a club and fell asleep there. Something I don’t usually due; stemming from issues over feeling safe. But I fell asleep and at the same time popped right into lucid dreaming, but it was something a bit more. Instead of the dream that I could change, reprogram and just run amok in, I was in the cafe as if my eyes were wide open. I could hear the folks and see the folks but I knew I was asleep. The visuals were different, sepia colored. I could even move the view around but that took effort. A lot like the effort it took the first time to intentionally change and derail a dream and change it to suit my whim.

It almost felt like I was in a balloon that was stretching out. It was the neatest thing I’ve ever done. But it was hard. I have even returned to my body to wake up but I couldn’t do it. I have been too exhausted and I refused. The more I tried, the only thing I would do was wiggle and get comfortable.

I didn’t even panic, if I was tired then I was tired. I had a lot of fun watching, moving around and looking. lol Dream watching the poker game going on was a blast. Waking up…lol now that was interesting. I felt rested and yet I knew exally what I “should have missed.”

So I got safety issues. I can see that was the trigger for this event. I’d like to play around with this again but I’d prefer it not to be while asleep. Any suggestions, comments? Help?


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