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First Group/Fellow Pagan -September 10th 2007

What was your first experience like meeting a group of pagans, whether it’s at a festival, a local group organization etc. If you’ve never been to another group, talk about the first “pagan” you’ve met, how you met them, and the experience.

I realize pagan is not always a suitable word for everyone to describe their path or faith. But it’s a universally recognized term and just makes it easier when trying to target a specific audience.

I’ve had quite a few “firsts” with the Pagan community. One of the most memorable moments was back in High School and my friends and I walked into the only Pagan store in my neighborhood. The place was bare; no new age books, no candles, and no trinkets. The book case included the Bible, Book of Mormon, Satanic Bible and other older texts. There was writing all over the walls, floor and ceiling. I did recognised the Hebrew on the pillars and could see what just how purposeful they were placed. This wasn’t just any old Pagan shop, it was a old shop of ceremonial magic.

That building had gained such character that it had a feeling that wasn’t exactly the friendliest. Not many people walked on the sidewalk in front of it. People would cross the street to avoid that building. Only the desperate or fearless ever used the bus stop in front of the entrance. Eventually the shop owners sold and the building was renovated. I still get a feeling from that spot that is just uniquely different and alive.

I’ve been in other Pagan shops sense but none has ever had such a living building as that old Pagan Shop.


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